Citrus Splash/Rejuvenating Citrus Lotion


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Lift Your Spirit!

Lime EO (Essential Oil), Orange EO, and Grapefruit EO are the fragrances in Citrus Splash. Uplift your day with the power of citrus. Rejuvenate and refresh your skin with shea butter, sweet almond oil, and other natural oils; you won’t feel sorry you did.

Rejuvenating Citrus is the perfect start to any day, especially if you love oranges or grapefruit. Citrus stimulates the brain, lifts spirits, relieves stress, and helps regulate the symptoms of depression. Citrus fruits are brightly colored, which is perfect as Rejuvenating Citrus will brighten anyone’s day.

Benefits of Lime EO:

-Helps restore energy on dark, dreary, and tiring days

-Aids in preventing the effects of aging

-Increases appetite

-Prevents and fights viral infections

-Reduces joint and muscle pain

-Treats food poisoning and typhoid



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