Baked Mineral Foundation – Flawless finish, healthy ingredients

Perfect for imperfect skin. With a brush and mirror this silky-smooth foundation powder will flawlessly blend out skin imperfections and uneven tones.

  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Ultra silky
  • Dewy finish

Begin by embarking on an exquisite journey to perfection with Calla Lily Cosmetics’ Baked Mineral Foundation. Meticulously crafted, it seamlessly blends away skin imperfections and harmonizes your complexion. Furthermore, this silky-smooth powder foundation comes complete with a convenient brush and mirror, thereby ensuring flawless application with utmost ease.

Transitioning gracefully from liquid to solid, our foundation undergoes a meticulous baking process at 400 degrees. Consequently, this results in a visually stunning and true-to-color product, enhancing both its appearance and performance. Additionally, it adapts flawlessly to individual skin tones, guaranteeing a radiant and flawless finish.

Please note, due to the delicate nature of this compact, we advise against carrying it in your purse, as it may shatter if banged or dropped.

Moreover, enhance your beauty routine with Baked Mineral Foundation and enjoy a flawless, natural look every day.

  1. Dover Beige – Light skin with cool undertones
  2. Antique Beige – Medium skin with neutral undertones
  3. Simply Beige – Medium “warm neutral” skin tones
  4. Mega Beige – Medium/tan skin
  5. Moroccan Beige – Dark/tan skin
  6. Nubian Beige – Dark “neutral” makes a great contour powder
  7. Tranquil Beige – Medium “olive” skin


Firstly, apply the product all over your freshly washed face using a foundation brush or kabuki brush, working in a circular motion for an even application. Next, try Tranquil Beige Baked Mineral Foundation today! Additionally, to learn more about the benefits of mineral makeup, read: 5 Benefits of Mineral Makeup | Short Hills Dermatology