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Because you deserve it!

CL for MenWe believe that men work hard all day and don’t take the time to take care of themselves like they should or deserve. Here’s to all the hard working men out there!

” You are sexy, sophisticated and strong! Take time, relax and enjoy a little pampering.”

We offers products that appeal to the senses as well as take care of your skin, hair and beard.

CL for Men was created by a 2nd generation salon and spa owner with a passion for great products at an affordable price. She grew up in the industry cutting her teeth on product knowledge and ingredient classes that her mom would drag her off too. She found there were some gaps in the industry, so away she went to my mad lab to try and fill those gaps. She is a bit of a science nerd and loves to cook and create. An artistic scientist she is.

CL Men are sexy, strong and sophisticated