Unable to decide on a product to buy, want to sample a couple different scents or varieties? We now offer gift boxes and sampler sets to help you find what works best for you. These also make great gifts.

All of our lotions feature the healing benefits of green tea. Green Tea contains a powerful group of  anti-oxidants called Flavanols. Not only do they help keep our skin healthy  but also aid in protecting us from the sun’s more harmful rays.  Scientists are now starting to link the consumption of food and drink high in these little wonders with lowering the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease. This research is in the very early stages but it adds to the growing body of data extolling the virtues of powerful anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory agents found in foods and our products.

Benefits of daily use of our Green Tea Lotion include:

  • Re-hydrating your skin is softer to the touch, and doesn’t become flaky
  • Radiant, glowing skin ups confidence and make you feel better
  • Improves elasticity which in turn reduces the formation of stretch marks
  • The fragrance can calm you and lighten your day


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