men's hair careCL for Men offering Men’s Hair Care has something for all hair and scalps needs. Whether its fine and thinning, itchy scalp, or you just want a little more body to your hair, we have products that can meet those needs.

Burdock root shampoo and conditioner is specially formulated to encourage new hair growth by delivering key nutrients to your hair and providing ingredients to keep your scalp and specifically hair follicles clean. Vitamin A and essential fatty acids in our ingredients will add strength to your hair.

Our Men’s Hair Care also includes a Peppermint Tea Tree shampoo and conditioner pair to help with dry and itchy scalps. This set contains ingredients designed to fight fungus and bacteria on your scalp which can lead to that itch and dryness. Peppermint is an excellent soothing agent to give you that clean and refreshed feeling. This can double as a body wash if you have itchy patches of skin as well.

The Wilderness shampoo and conditioner were created to boost the body of your hair. Rich in B vitamins, minerals, and hydrolyzed wheat proteins all geared to add shine and body to the hair. If your hair is dry and damaged this product will add strength and moisture just where your hair needs it.

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