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  • Cucumber Mint Lotion

    Relieve sinus pressure and brighten your day Cucumber Mint body lotion uses a blend of cool, watery cucumber and fresh spearmint are touched with hits of geranium and neroli. 
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  • Calla Lily Lotion

    Calla Lilies signify strength and beauty A fresh and beautiful bouquet of fragrant lilies and green leaves. Our  lotion is infused with green tea to protects against sun (UVB) damage and environmental impacts on the skin. Because of the strong anti-oxidant properties of green tea it makes it an excellent ingredient in body lotions. When you suffer sun damage, such as sun burn it will reduce the inflammation and increase blood flow to the area encouraging quicker cellular repair then if it is left on its own. The oxygenation to the skin makes skin smoother, firmer and brighter.
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  • Just Breathe Lotion

    Relieve sinus pressure and brighten your day Just Breathe body lotion uses a blend of  Lemon, Eucalyptus, Frankincense and Rosemary together to open up your breathing. Fragrance is light and refreshing, lifting your spirits and opening your sinuses.
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  • Woodland Nights Body Lotion

    A rugged and earthy scent Woodland Nights body lotion has an earthy scent offering top notes of cedarwood and patchouli, middle notes of nutmeg and citrus, and a bottom note of ylang ylang.
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  • Citrus Sage Lotion

    Citrus grove Citrus Sage, boasts a top note fresh Florida fruit grove with a gentle bottom note of wild sage. This refreshing and pleasing fragrance will brighten your day.
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  • Mermaid Breath Lotion

    Spring rain and flowers This fragrance offers a top note of fresh flowers and a bottom note of a gentle rain. This hand blended lotion, packed with vitamins, will protect your skin leaving a soft scent of flowers during a spring rain.
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  • Cuddle Crew Kid’s Lotion

    blue sheep body lotion Unscented When adventuring in the bath tub is done or anytime your little one’s skin is a little dry, there is no kidding around with this lotion. It is hand formulated to provide protection to a child’s skin. With ingredients like aloe vera, babassu oil, shea butter, palm butter, jojoba seed oil, cranberry fruit, pumpkin seed oil, sweet almond oil, and soy butter, you can’t go wrong. This lotion helps prevent dry, flaky skin, and helps keep your babies skin soft to the touch.
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  • Dragon’s Blood Lotion

    Dare to invoke your inner dragon Dragon's Blood Hand and Body Lotion combines a mixture of fresh orange and grape, clove and rose with a woody patchouli base. This inspires the self-confidence and strength in anyone, prepare to impress all day long.
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  • Evening Tuxedo Body Lotion

    From the your blue collar days to your black tie nights… Evening Tuxedo body lotion brings you sophisticated notes of new leather, spicy black peppercorns, warm woods, patchouli, musk and citrus. Your significant other will draw close to inhale the fragrance of Tuxedo. Prepare to take the day by storm.
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  • Sandalwood Rose Lotion

    Passion & Beauty Sandalwood and Rose may not be a very common scent, but it's a classic duo. The rose is considered a flower of passion, need, and humanity's beauty. In Greek mythology, it was the flower that represented Aphrodite, goddess of love, beauty, and lust. The rose can invoke romantic feelings in even the hardest heart.
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  • Rest & Relaxation Lotion

    Rest & Relaxation will Relax the Body, Spirit & Mind with Lavender Lavender is one of the most popular fragrances, it helps clear the mind, and relaxes the body, spirit, and mind.
    • It aids in reducing stress and tension, and induces deep relaxation.
    • It lowers emotional and mental stress at the same time clearing headaches so that you can enjoy life a little more.
    • Lavender helps to improve one’s mood and outlook on the world.
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  • Rejuvenating Citrus Lotion

    Rejuvenate... Freshly squeezed orange juice on a Sunday morning, on your lounge chair, as the breeze blows across the tree blossoms. Pure happiness, watching over your mixed citrus grove,  Let our fragrance transport you to a happy place. Benefits of daily use of our Green Tea Lotion include:
    • Re-hydrating your skin is softer to the touch, and doesn't become flaky
    • Radiant, glowing skin ups confidence and make you feel better
    • Improves elasticity which in turn reduces the formation of stretch marks
    • The fragrance can calm you and lighten your day
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