Blue Hyacinth Lotion

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Product Description

Travel to the Season of New Life

A field of blue flowers in the middle of spring, just as the flowers are blooming; that’s what our Blue Hyacinth Lotion is like, and it’s one of our favorite parts of spring. Another classic scent, it is commonly used in lotions, candles, and other luxury items. The fragrance is unimaginably complex, and features a superior blend of both the flowers and the leafy green notes, which are typically found in the rest of the plant. Now it doesn’t matter what time of the year it really is, you can travel to the season of new life and enjoy its fresh, beautiful scent once again.

Because our green tea infused lotions include a blend of shea butter, palm butter, aloe vera, cranberry fruit, pumpkin seed oil, soy butter, sweet almond oil, and jojoba seed oil, you won’t regret choosing Blue Hyacinth Lotion for your skin.

Benefits of daily use of our Green Tea Lotion include:

  • Re-hydrating your skin is softer to the touch, and doesn’t become flaky
  • Radiant, glowing skin ups confidence and make you feel better
  • Improves elasticity which in turn reduces the formation of stretch marks
  • The fragrance can calm you and lighten your day


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