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Age Defying Skincare


agedefyingcreamad (1)Stop the effects of time!

Look no further. CL’s Age Defying  skincare line uses a blend of science and nature to defy the effects of time. A fine tuned blend of essential oils heal, repair, tighten and tone the skin.

No one can turn back time, but we can slow  the signs of aging. CL Skin’s, Age Defying products, highlight Tamanu oil, to help in the regeneration of skin, and is reputed for its skin healing properties. Rose oil,because its a powerful anti-oxidant, fighting free radical damage from our environment and Myrrh resin helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. One of my personal favorites, Sandalwood to slow the signs of aging.

Age Defying Cream

Moisturizer or Serum?

Age Defying Cream aids in firming skin, improve elasticity and repairing broken collagen bonds. The dynamically wonderful ingredients in this cream are solely geared toward improving the look and feel of aging skin. It can be used alone as a moisturizer or a serum under your favorite CL Skin moisturizer.

  • This cream utilizes Gladback™ Meadowfoam,  Argan oil, TRYLAGEN® and SYN®-HYCAN

Gladback™ is poria cocos, a well-known fungus in Asian traditional medicine used as a purifying, antioxidant and softening agent. It is a multi-functional active ingredient which increases skin thickness, radiance and microcirculation, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Let me explain microcirculation and why that is important. The main functions of the microcirculation are the delivery of oxygen and nutrients and the removal of carbon dioxide. Increased oxygen to the skin aids in fighting cancer, aging and cellular breakdown. Read more