How does it feel sitting at the edge of the ocean breathing in the fresh salty air?

The waves crashing on the shore and receding back and taking your stress with them. As you begin to relax and become calmer you wish the moment would never end. The salty sea water seems to have a magical effect on the body and the emotions of a person. Bath Salts transform your tub into your own private ocean side.

There are many wonders to soaking in salts, they contain beneficial  minerals and nutrients that keep the skin smooth, soft and supple. And then relax muscle tension and tightness.

  • The minerals are absorbed easily and are known to cleanse and purify the skin
  • They improve skin’s radiance, tone and texture
  • The magnesium aids in fighting stress and combat fatigue
  • The bromide soothes tired and sore muscles
  • The sodium plays a significant role in managing the balance of lymphatic fluid in our bodies.
  • Regular use of salts in bathing has been shown to decrease the appearance of fine lines by plumping the skin and balancing moisture.The best part: you can enjoy these benefits any side effects. In addition,they are safe for everyone, easy to use, and very affordable. What are you waiting for? The many benefits of your own private ocean await you!

  • Sweet Simplicity Bath Salts

    Acne clearing salts and herbs This salt is made with organic coconut shells and activated charcoal. Both amazing ingredients for you skin. Blended with sea salt and Epsom salts, fennel seed, calendula flower, and geranium root to aid in drying up and repairing back acne. The fragrance takes you to a French bakery will the salts in a hot bath will melt your stress away. 
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  • Female Balance Bath Salts

    Mood Balancing When day has been long and your hormones feel out of balance it's time to treat yourself to a long hot bath and a glass of wine.
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  • Peppermint Sea Soak Bath Salts

    Muscle Recovery This is the perfect salt for a bath after the gym or a long day on your feet. With a combination of green sea clan and  peppermint your muscles will thank you. Green sea clay is thought to ease the soreness of arthritis and over worked muscles. Peppermint soothes and cools the ache. After a long hard day at work or a good work out at the gym come home and soak out all the stress of the day.
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  • Lemongrass and Eucalyptus Bath Salts

    Congestion Relief  
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  • Sandalwood & Rose Bath Salts

    Deep relaxation awaits you... A walk through a rose garden is a thing of beauty. The fragrance of the roses wash over you, relaxing your mind, body and spirit... Rose salts will relax and give relief to tired, stressed and/or achy muscles, soothe dry skin as you relax and soak in a hot steamy bath.
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  • Rest and Relaxation Bath Salts

    Bring the Spa home Just like spending a day at the spa… This salt combined lavender & rosehip to relax, calm and uplift your spirits. Salts offer relief to tired, stressed and/or achy muscles. Salt in your bath hydrate the skin and pull toxins from your body’s internal organs. So take a moment out of your hectic schedule to relax and soak in a hot steamy Lavender filled bath.
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