Time to think about your hair care 

Hydration Therapy Shampoo is sulfate free, paraben free and pH balanced for optimum hair care. Pro Vitamin B complex, honey and silk protein in our Hydration Therapy strengthen, hydrate and smooth hair, closing the cuticle, making hair less tangled, smoother and shinier.

Hydration Therapy Conditioner leaves your hair soft, silky, shiny and healthy. Balancing moisture leaves and strengthening hair with silk proteins. Olive oil hydrates dry, undernourished hair  that is often hard to style.

    • Silk proteins bind to the keratin that we have in our hair creating a layer to help protect against moisture loss. During this binding process the silk proteins are able to penetrate and strengthen damaged hair.
    • Honey is a natural humectant grabbing moisture from the environment and binding it to your hair. It is an emollient, which means it is a natural softener. This makes it a great hair conditioner leaving your hair smooth, soft and hydrated.


Wilderness Collection 

Our wilderness collection is made from beer to help strengthen the protein in your hair.

This also thickens thin hair and helps make hair look and feel healthier!




Hydration Collection

Our hydration collection will repair your dry hair, and the overall feel of your hair.

Makes dry hair into shiny, and smooth hair.



Burdock Collection

The burdock collection is great if you are experiencing hair loss due to damaged hair.

This promotes hair growth, repairs hair tears.




Peppermint Collection

This collection is our dandruff aid. Its great for eczema, dry irritated skin.

This cools and soothes your scalp.