Welcome to Calla Lily Cosmetics, where we’re all about bringing a little love and laughter into your beauty routine!  Here is a little about us! I’m Tonya, the brains and heart behind this little operation, and I’ve been professional stylists, esthetician and salon owner for almost 40 years!

But hey, why start my own cosmetics line, right? Well, picture this: I’m on the hunt for the perfect skincare, haircare, and makeup products – stuff that’s gentle, effective, and oh-so-good for you. But every time I find something I love, poof! It disappears faster than you can say “beauty emergency”!

So, I rolled up my sleeves and got to work. I’ve got curly hair that needs some serious TLC and feet that could crack glass, so I created Curl Addict for those fabulous curls and Herbal Therapy Healing Balm for those tootsies in need. And guess what? They’ve been flying off the shelves ever since!

Then there’s makeup – because who doesn’t love a little glam? I created a makeup line for my brides!  I wanted colors that pop, last all day, but were clean and classic!  So, I started my own makeup line in 2006, and let me tell you, it’s been a wild ride!

Everything we whip up here at Calla Lily is made with love and care. We mix in small batches to keep things fresh and fabulous, and I personally handcraft all our skincare, body care, hair care, and blooming beauty nail polish line right here in our cozy little lab.


Our Mission

Now, let’s talk mission.  It’s not just about us!  We’re not just about makeup and moisturizers – we’re about giving women a chance to shine. Whether you’re a single mom, a stay-at-home superhero, or a student with a side hustle, we’re here to support you. We make our own boxes, labels, flyers, you name it – because we believe in empowering women to chase their dreams, whatever they may be.

So, here’s to you, our fabulous clients! Your feedback, your support, it means the world to us. Drop us a line anytime – we love hearing from you!

With love and lipstick,
Tonya and the Calla Lily Cosmetics team