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Time for Winter warm up!

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rest & relaxation lotionRest and Relaxation Lotion just breathe lotionJust Breath Lotion cashmere glow lotionCashmere Glow Lotion sandalwood rose lotionSandalwood Rose Lotion
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About Us

Here at Calla Lily we pride ourselves on being green and clean! We use a combination of nature and science to formulate eco friendly, cruelty free skin friendly products.

We strive to build a community of employed young women, single mothers, and stay at home moms who need a creative outlet outside of the home. This allows them to explore their inventive and creative sides. Our company goal is to empower these women beyond their most important role, motherhood, to be more than a mother and gives young women purpose and direction. They become designers, artists and creators. At Calla Lily you’re not just an employee — you’re family.


Cruelty Free


Our Hair, Body, and Skin Care are handcrafted and made in the USA