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Coconut & Honey Blueberry Pumice Facial Scrub

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No Micro-beads here! 100% natural, biodegradable ingredients

Exfoliate guilt free with our newly reformulated Coconut & Honey Blueberry Pumice facial scrub … Pumice a long time favorite of exfoliation blended with the blueberry seed adds an extra layer of cleansing to this unique facial scrub. CL Skin’s handmade Coconut & Honey Blueberry Pumice Facial Scrub does not contain any plastic beading. Our exfoliants are natural, biodegradable, and cruelty free. We recommend that you use in the shower, under steam, with your pores fully opened, to refine and smooth the skin

shutterstock_351385931The wonders of honey….
Our proprietary blend of pumice, coconut oil, and honey work together in harmony to cleanse, nourish, and moisturize your skin leaving it smoother, normalized, and more refined in both tone and firmness.

Honey can do wonders for your skin.

  • Act as a great anti-aging agent and moisturizer.
  • It is rich in natural antioxidants that have antimicrobial properties.
  • Help protect your skin from harmful UV rays
  • Help to facilitate the skin’s ability to rejuvenate.
  • Has the ability to absorb and retain moisture, keeping the skin well hydrated, fresh and supple.

Throughout time women have used honey and milk to keep their skin youthful, radiant, and smooth. CL Skin builds on the wonders of honey and combines it with the natural exfoliants to aid in cleaning, protecting, and nourishing our skin. After this thorough cleanse it is recommended to finish with our Normalizing Toner and Normalizing Moisturizer.

Combination, Dry, Very Dry

Our new proprietary formulation has:
– No added artificial dyes
– No added artificial fragrances

Exfoliates and leaves skin feeling smooth.

Exfoliate in the shower to gain the same effects of the spa. Take a dime size amount of scrub and gently scrub face in circular motion. Concentrate on the problem areas, Rinse. Apply appropriate moisturizer when out of the shower.

Ingredients: water, decyl glucoside, lauryl betaine, xantham gum, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, citric acid, benzoic acid, dehydroacetic acid, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, lecithin, honey, t95 tocopherols, pumice powder, blueberry seed, sodium cloride, xanthum gum, carrot seed oil, peru balsam, clary sage, lavender, sandalwood oil, cassia oil, fragrance

Ingredient Facts

  • Honey is a natural humectant, meaning it binds water to the skin giving you added hydration. It also possesses antimicrobial properties.
  • Pumice is a gentle exfoliant that scrubs away the top layer of dead skin cells for all skin types including sensitive skin.
  • Sandalwood has been used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine as an anti-aging tool for centuries. One of the ways sandalwood is thought to slow the aging process is through its natural anti-inflammatory properties that improve circulation throughout the body.
  • Coconut Oil coats the skin a wide range of essential fatty acids giving nourishment while helping to protect our skin from the environment.
  • Blueberry Seeds are natural and biodegradable. They add another layer of exfoliation to this #1 selling scrub.


ecycling – Naked Packaging at Calla Lily Cosmetics

Our naked packaging choice!

90% of all products are in some cardboard or paperboard packaging, sometimes in multiple layers. Inner, Outer, and actual product packaging adds three times the cardboard and paperboard to products.

80% of retailers do recycle cardboard and paperboard, in spite of this, cardboard still makes up 41% of our municipal waste streams.

At Calla Lily we made the decision to use recyclable materials whenever possible for our packaging. We feel we can achieve our own unique style without sacrificing our environment. This also led us to our naked packaging philosophy. We may choose to, from time to time, use some secondary packaging but by and large we strive to be 100% naked packaging.

We want our products to stand on their own feet and help mother earth along the way.

Size 2 oz, 4 oz


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