Cranberry Oak – Bath Bomb


Cranberry Oak Scent

Hand crafted bath bomb! Perfect for sweater weather!

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Cranberry Oak Scent 

Our cranberry oak bath bomb excludes witch hazel and alcohol, featuring an all-oil-based formulation. We blend Cocoa Butter and Coconut Oil to create the perfect oil bath. This bath bomb combines red raspberry, black currant, and cranberry scents, which then settle into a background of woodsy cedar, cinnamon, and warm amber. As cooler weather approaches, our cranberry oak bath bomb provides a festive and nourishing bath for cooler days. Further, our bath bombs are handcrafted and packed 100% with oil, it ensures a luxurious experience.

How to Use Our Bath Bomb:

For a large soaker tub, use the cranberry oak bath bomb whole. For smaller tubs, break it into smaller pieces. First, run a hot bath. Secondly, once the tub is full, drop either the whole bomb or its pieces into the water. Thirdly, watch as the fizz and foam slowly fill the tub.  And then, relax, enjoy the fragrance, and treat your skin all at once. Finally, soaking your stress away.  Be very cautious in the tub; however, as the bath bomb will make your tub slippery!

Ingredient facts for our sweater weather bath bombs:

Cocoa Butter Benefits:

  • hydrates our skin
  • improves elasticity
  • aids in protecting our skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays
  • may aid in blood flow of the skin
  • anti-oxidant

Coconut Oil Benefits

  • moisturizes the skin
  • is linked to aiding in protecting our skin from sun’s harmful UV rays
  • anti-oxidants
  • anti-microbial and anti-fungal
  • is linked to promoting wound healing

Kaolin Clay Benefits

  • Gently cleansing skin (excellent alternative cleanser for those with sensitive skin)
  • Reducing oily skin.
  • Purifying and detoxifying the pores, removing dirt, grime, pollution, germs, etc.
  • Soothing sensitive and easily irritable skin.
  • Effective weekly acne treatment.

Approximately 12oz bath bomb

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Ingredients: citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, kaolin clay, corn starch, coconut oil, cocoa butter, fragrance, bath bomb dyes

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