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Rest & Relaxation body mist blends Lavender, ylang ylang, chamomile, bergamont together to bring you to a deep state of relaxation. CL Body mist can be sprayed on your pillow at night, on your linens or simply spray over you. Fragrance is light and relaxing, calming your spirits and relaxing your mind.

Mist generously over your pillow, linens, clothes or you.

Ingredient Facts

  • Benefits of Lavender: Induces sleep which has made it a common recommendation for an alternative treatment of insomnia. Frequent studies on elderly patients have shown an increase in their sleep regularity when their normal sleep medication is replaced with some lavender essential oil being placed on their pillows. It has such a relaxing impact on people that it can often replace modern medicine for sleep issues.
  • Benefits of Chamomile: Chamomile isn’t just for tea. It is found to be effective in calming down annoyance, anger and irritation, particularly in small children. Chamomile can be very effective in fighting depression and raising spirits. Eliminate feelings of sadness, disappointment, and sluggishness while inducing a sort of happy or charged feeling. Even smelling these oils can help in overcoming depression and bringing about a good mood.
  • Benefits of Ylang Ylang: It fights depression and relaxes both the body and soul, thereby driving away anxiety, sadness, and chronic stress. It also has an uplifting effect on mood and induces feelings of joy and hope. It may be an effective treatment for those undergoing nervous breakdowns and acute depression after a shock or an accident. This oil sedates or calms nervous afflictions, stress, anger and anxiety, while inducing a relaxed feeling.
  • Benefits of Bergamont:They soothe nerves and reduce nervous tension, anxiety, and stress, all of which can help cure or treat ailments associated with stress such as sleeplessness, high blood pressure, insomnia, and depression. They can also stimulate the activity of certain hormones in the body, which induce feelings of relaxation and sedation, like dopamine and serotonin.

Approx. 4 oz

Recycling – Naked Packaging at Calla Lily Cosmetics

Our naked packaging choice!

90% of all products are in some cardboard or paperboard packaging, sometimes in multiple layers. Inner, Outer, and actual product packaging adds three times the cardboard and paperboard to products.

80% of retailers do recycle cardboard and paperboard, in spite of this, cardboard still makes up 41% of our municipal waste streams.

At Calla Lily we made the decision to use recyclable materials whenever possible for our packaging. We feel we can achieve our own unique style without sacrificing our environment. This also led us to our naked packaging philosophy. We may choose to, from time to time, use some secondary packaging but by and large we strive to be 100% naked packaging.

We want our products to stand on their own feet and help mother earth along the way.



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