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Clean Now Cuddles Later 

Do you want giggles instead of  struggles during bath time? Order our cuddle crew today

Dino Burps, Unicorn Yawns, and Butterfly Kisses will bring enjoyment back to bath time. Our products have fun built in with vibrant colors, surprise toys, and smells to make anyone smile.

Who knew that monkey farts smelled like fruit salad? I guess we did!


CL kids

Less struggle with bath time means more cuddles.


About Us
We strive to build a community of employed young women, single mothers, and stay at home moms who need a creative outlet out side of the home. This allows them to explore their inventive and creative sides. Our company goal is to empower these women beyond their most important role, motherhood, to be more than a mother and gives young woman purpose and direction. They become designers, artists and creators. At Calla Lily you’re not just an employee you’re family.


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Our Hair, Body, and Skin Care are handcrafted and made in the USA