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  • Moisturizing Shave Butter

    Say Goodbye to razor burn The symptoms of razor burn are burning, itching, stinging and redness. Razor burn can be just a few hours of mild discomfort and redness or it can last for days, resembling a rash or scratch that remains inflamed. The perfect oil shave....Calla Lily's Moisturizing Shave Butter is a thick foaming bath whip blended with coconut oil, jojoba oil, hemp seed oil and pumpkin seed oil to hydrate the skin. The thick cream when foamed with water creates a smooth hydrating shave.
    Our moisturizing shave butter is a  blend of essential oils. Tea tree, bitter orange, peppermint, sandalwood, orange, and nutmeg in this amazing shave butter soothe, cool and calm the skin. This unique shave butter works great for men and woman! Approx 4 oz
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  • Midnight Moisturizer

    Deep hydration Quench your skins thirst with Midnight Moisture Repair This incredible moisturizer is packed full of skin loving antioxidants. With blueberry seed and cranberry seed oils your skin will feel softer and more hydrated over night.  No more parched skin! -SKIN TYPE- Normal, Dry, Very Dry 1.5 oz / 50 ml
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  • Normalizing Daily Moisturizer

    Bring balance back to your skin... This mid-weight moisturizer hydrates without feeling heavy. A delicate hand blended mixture of coconut oil, blueberry seed oil and pumpkin seed oil enhanced with carrot seed oil, peru balsam, rose oil and sandalwood. CL Skin's Normalizing Daily Moisturizer will leave your skin feeling soft, hydrated, and healthy. -SKIN TYPE- Combination, Normal, Dry 4 oz jar A member of our Normalizing Product Line which includes our Gentle Cleanser, Coconut and Honey Cleanser, and Toner.
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