Dino Burps Body Wash


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Dino Burps Body WashDino Burps Body Wash Brings You the Scent of Sassy Citrus

CL Kids brings you Dino Burps Body Wash to start your travel to the beach with the refreshing smell of sassy citrus. Fresh notes of coconut and lemon peel make for the perfect bath. The kids will imagine themselves playing in the sand as the ocean laps on the sandy shore and will the dinosaur they see be friend or foe. This body wash is glittery fun in the tub or shower and with our glitter being ultra fine it is sure to add a sparkle to bath time. Inside the bottle of body wash your child will discover snake, could it be a friend of the dinosaur, they decide.

Complete your Dino Burps Bath Set with the Bath Fizz and Bath Paint!

Recycling – Naked Packaging at Calla Lily Cosmetics

Our naked packaging choice!

90% of all products are in some cardboard or paperboard packaging, sometimes in multiple layers. Inner, Outer, and actual product packaging adds three times the cardboard and paperboard to products.

80% of retailers do recycle cardboard and paperboard, in spite of this, cardboard still makes up 41% of our municipal waste streams.

At Calla Lily we made the decision to use recyclable materials whenever possible for our packaging. We feel we can achieve our own unique style without sacrificing our environment. This also led us to our naked packaging philosophy. We may choose to, from time to time, use some secondary packaging but by and large we strive to be 100% naked packaging.

We want our products to stand on their own feet and help mother earth along the way.



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