Complexion Repair Toner


Brings skin back to pH balance while controlling oil and shine



Reduces breakouts and clears skin from unsightly blemishes by reducing oil production and minimizing bacteria. 

Oily,  Combination Oily


    • Excellent astringent giving it the ability to remove excess oil from skin
    • Will not strip moisture from the skin
    • Balance the moisture in our skin
    • Soothe and aid in repairing of skin
    • Helps strengthen the skin to aid in reducing wrinkles and sagging

Recommended moisturizer – Complexion Repair Moisturizer

4 oz bottle

Additional information

Weight 0.63 oz
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 in


Ingredients: distilled water, witch hazel, glycerin, juniper berry, clary sage, frankincense, sandalwood, lavender


      • Witch Hazel locks moisture into the skin allowing for optimal hydration. Helps to prevent peeling and flaking giving our skin an overall smooth look.
      • Clary Sage Fights free radicals that attack our skin and contribute to sagging and wrinkles. Balances and regulates the production of natural oils in the skin, reducing both oily and dry skin giving our skin a young and beautiful look.
      • Frankincense Is an astringent so it acts as a balancer, reducing excess dryness or oiliness, returning the skin’s condition back to normal.
      • Juniper Berry Combats blemishes ad helps to balance the oils in our skin giving it a natural appearance.
      • Lavender oil helps regulate our natural oil production in our skin as well as eliminate skin bacteria. Lavender contributes to maintaining a balanced, firmer skin tone

How To Use

Spray all over freshly cleansed face, allow to penetrate and dry on skin. Apply the appropriate moisturizer.

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